Mantra Spa

Begin Your Healing Journey

Relaxation, well-being and pampering!

At Mantra Spa Center in Delhi you can currently get a 56% discount in 60 min. par-massage.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, sore muscles, an injury or a sports problem, or if you want to keep your body and health in top shape, we are here to help and inspire you.


Massage is for general relaxation of the muscles as well as tension in the body. You also release negative energies and solve your problems, from the emotional to the physical problems of your body and mind.

We adapt our body to body massage to your needs, so that the massage is performed depending on your problems and we massage with organic coconut oil in combination with lavender oil.


We can also offer life coaching and diets that help you improve your life and health.


A Complete Experience

Enjoy a wide range of services in a luxurious environment. We look forward to serving you.

Our Growing Team

Our dedicated staff will help you achieve and maintain a healthier and happier new you!

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