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    For many of us, tension and pain are something we have become accustomed to in part, but it does not have to be that way. Right now, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Massage offers a discount on your first massage treatment, and you only pay rs 799 for 30 minutes against the normal price of 999.

    It is never too late to start doing something about the genes, and if you want to achieve greater well-being, massage is the first step on the road.

    It is well known and well documented that massage is extremely beneficial for the body.
    Not only do the many different forms of whole body massage provide an incredible calm and well-being in the body, but the more in-depth massage like the physiurgical one can in many cases eliminate a wide range of symptoms in the body.

    You can choose one of these 2 treatments:

    Physiurgical: Physiurgical massage is an in-depth therapeutic massage that loosens the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. The massage can be used for headaches, tired and sore shoulders, pain in the arms and legs, "tired" lower back and other nuisances in the body. The massage works by working through the muscles. It increases blood flow and circulation, increases muscle balance.
    The massage has an analgesic effect on sore and overloaded muscles and provides greater mobility in muscles and joints. The massage can also have a positive effect on a tense and stressed psyche.

    Healing massage: You receive a caring whole body massage in delhi, which is based on the connection between your body & your mind. It alternates between deep long strokes, massage of individual muscles / muscle groups and soothing "laying on of hands" on selected body areas that need special attention and healing.

    The healing massage brings you into a deep relaxed, meditative state that allows you to make contact with & release the energy that is bound in the body's tensions and pains.
    The healing massage is a holistically present form of massage. - Massage is far more than a physical, muscular massage. It takes into account energy currents in the body, mental, emotional and spiritual layers and greater awareness and understanding of what is moving in you.

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